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Friday, February 11, 2011


She's way too cute!!!!!

Kevin's V8 Super car Experience.
Thanx to Mellisa and Kevin for letting me frame this event. Am sure Kevin enjoyed his birthday gift from Mel as much as i did shooting there!!!

AARUSH - First ray of light!!!!
Sachin and Meena's First child.. what a blessing, that's what the nurse said once he was born, and indeed He is. He is one reason i fell in love with my camera all the more. He sure knows how to surprise all of us, and pose... feel free to comment!!!!

Keith Weds Chryshanti

Knew Chryshanti through church, one person i have seen who doesn't seize smiling no matter what the situation. Fun to click pictures of. Amazing sense of humor. She's one of the most photogenic person i have ever clicked, well of-course after Keith. Keith's got a charm, a charm that swept a beauty like Chrys. It was fun clicking them as they didn't have to try hard to pose, as they were so content and spontaneous. Thank you Chrys and Keith for giving me the opportunity to click your wedding, it was a Honor.


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